Embracing & Cultivating Leadership

Leadership is seeing to it that something happens. It is a choice anyone can make. Every one of us leads in some aspect of our lives.

Women are exceptionally good at thinking about others, caring for people, and taking charge of their well-being. Unfortunately this isn’t usually regarded as ‘leadership’, and our work can be discounted, overlooked, or insulted.

Worse than that, most of the women I talk with feel profoundly unsupported. You might be one of those women who feel like the precious time and energy you put towards important projects goes unrecognized or criticized. This quickly leads to discouragement and burn-out. We must not tolerate this! The world needs our minds and hearts. I know we need each other.

So much has changed for women in recent years. Our liberation is speeding up and there’s a lot to process as we advance gender equity and a rational, more humane world for everyone.

We are entering a new realm of leadership that is collaborative, intersectional, and uplifting, and you are a part of it.

I’m speaking to every one of you when I say we are running the show. I’ve got tons of balls in the air and I know you do too. We are leading on multiple fronts; we have many people who depend on our minds and our hearts. Our efforts make a difference every damn day.

We have the opportunity to shift the world into a better place with the decisions we make. We don’t have to take it anymore if things seem unsatisfying.


I build women’s leadership capacity through workshops and retreats where we explore the 5 Themes of Women’s Leadership.

Event locations can include Vancouver, BC area and in the beautiful Kootenays.

  • 2-Day Women’s Leadership Retreats
  • Full-Day Workshops With Lunch
  • Half-day Workshops

If you wish to organize a workshop or event in your area please get in touch – I’m available to travel!
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