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This piece originally appeared in the April 2018 ‘Green’ issue of Fernie Fix Magazine. It’s important to think about sustainability and resilience for both the world outside and the world within us. Resilience is a key area of exploration when it comes to teenagers...

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Teenagers and Drinking

Drinking comes up all the time when I'm working with parents. It's one of those 'teen issues' that folks have a lot of feelings about. I think people sometimes forget that it's actually a 'societal issue' and they make an unconscious choice to focus on young people...

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PowHERtalks Calgary on Sunday October 2!

I will be on the PowHERtalks stage on Sunday, October 2nd to share my 9-minute talk about parenting teens and ASK for impact.  Local peeps, join me in Calgary! For tickets and information go here A peek at my TED-style talk that I will be premiering at this series for...

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I’m Jealous of my Teenager

The Boy came home one evening recently and told me, “My friends are super excited about moving away to college. I don’t get it!” “What don’t you get?” I asked him. The Boy replied, “Mike and Mark both told me they can’t wait to get away from their parents.” I...

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