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Facilitator & Mediator  |  Women’s Leadership Expert  |  Writer

The Power to Influence: Parenting – Conflict – Leadership.
YOU are the artist & authority of your life, family & dreams; my job is to help amplify your inner voice & assist with relationship & communication skills.

Comfort in Conflict - Help for Parents of Teenagers

I support moms & dads of teenagers and help them navigate conflict so they can stay connected to both their teen and their purpose as a parent. I want you to enjoy parenting again!

You’re a mom or dad of a teenager. Or maybe you’ve got more than one teen at home! Parenting isn’t what it once was.

You used to have a child who loved to be with you, missed you when you were gone, came running into your arms when you returned, and could play with you all day. Though lacking a wagging tail, this young person was basically a dog.

Now your kid won’t come when you call, frequently stays out of sight, rarely likes to be touched, and only seems to value you for offerings of food. Your teenager has become a cat! Did you see that transformation coming?

I write a monthly magazine column about parenting teenagers, and you can read my writing here!

Coaching, Counselling, & Mediation

Because of my parenting, conflict, and leadership expertise individuals and couples regularly connect with me for coaching, counseling, and mediation.

Some examples of work I do in this area include:

  • My teenager doesn’t want to finish high school but it’s very important to me that he does. We are locked in a power struggle. Can you help?
  • Our teenager is lying to us and we recently found out she stole from us too. How can we figure out what’s going on and why she’s acting like this?
  • We are separating and need to make sure our kids know our love for them will never change and this isn’t their fault. Also, we are having trouble agreeing on a two-home family schedule. Could you offer some guidance?

I see clients in private practice for these services, and you can get in touch with me for sessions.

Cultivating Women’s Leadership

Women KNOW what’s needed to improve things for themselves and those they love, whether it’s more educational supports for their child or a street party to increase neighbourhood connection or equal pay for equal work at the office. We hate getting short-changed by gender bias and we become outraged when we see our kids losing out on opportunities because of unfair systems.

Leadership is taking charge of a situation.

Leadership is saying, “I’m going to see to it that this gets done.”

I build women’s leadership capacity through workshops and retreats where we explore the 5 Themes of Women’s Leadership. Leadership development is crucial because the world will change and improve when WE change and improve.

I want women to take themselves seriously and embrace the identity of ‘leader’. All it takes is increased confidence and capacity to bring your vision into reality.

Hi, I’m so happy to have you here!

My sincere desire is to help parents of teenagers and women exploring leadership feel supported with the incredibly important work you are doing.

Holding space for people to reach their bravest selves is what I do best, and I am grateful that I can use my skills to weave – along with all of you – a better world for the young ones of the future.

– Kerri

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Parenting Your Teenager

This workbook is a gentle inquiry into your mental and emotional landscape as a parent of a teenager.

It’s designed to get you thinking and feeling about what’s working in your life that you might want to create more of, what you’d like to change, and how to make that happen