We all lead our lives yet many of us are reluctant to call ourselves leaders.

There are myths about what makes a leader and women unconsciously buy into a lot of those myths. We might think leadership is only something we could claim for ourselves if we:

  • have a job with ‘leader’ in the title
  • are a public figure
  • have gangs of followers or reports
  • feel confident about leading
  • feel competent to lead
  • are male

None of those things make a leader.

Leadership is about acting with integrity and courage, AKA having the ovaries to do the right thing.

Are you ready to step into your purpose?

Are you hungry to meet with a group of other women and together claim your power to lead your life?

Are you motivated to be with women determined to change what’s not working in their world for themselves and others?

Are you inspired to experience a challenge that will rock the boat of comfort and simultaneously let you know that other women are unconditionally on your side?

When we decide to level-up in our lives it can feel pretty scary. You know those people who seem to coast? The ones who are okay with the status quo? They probably doubt they have what it takes to raise their voice, to ask for more, to make bigger plans. When you’re ready to move to the next level it’s uncomfortable and you are required to do some emotional work.

When we step into a bigger vision for ourselves, our lives, and the world it’s normal to feel a drop in confidence, a sense of discouragement, and major doubt. That’s why we need each other to level-up! It’s easier to face these emotional obstacles when we see other brave women around us doing the same thing and we can cheer each other on.

I am deeply grateful for the women in my life who have modelled what is possible, who have backed me, who have tolerated my confusions, who have challenged sexism, who have offered kindness, intelligence, and new perspectives. I am encouraged by the women who have carried on and continue to shine in the face of social efforts to limit us.

It’s always a good time to rise. It’s always a good time to support our sisters.

Let’s do it together! April 21 & 22, 2018. See this page for more details. Get in touch with me immediately at kerri@kerriwall.ca if you want to get in on this exciting opportunity. Registration closes in 10 days.


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