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Moms and dads do the most intense, most emotional, most world-changing work there is. They do it for zero pay and hardly any appreciation – and mostly without training. Parents are truly heroes!

Much of what exists to help parents of teens focuses on how ‘bad’ teenagers are and the drama they create, or how burned out parents are and how much we need a break. I don’t offer either of those perspectives. Instead, I show how the best thing you can do for your teen is keep your parenting pedal to the metal during the final intense years of having your child at home.

‘Control’ is something you might think you have when you become a parent, but by the time your children are teenagers it’s clear that no such thing exists. If you try to assert control you will alienate your teen, and this prevents you from guiding them. How is a mom or dad supposed to parent in an atmosphere that can be naturally full of conflict and chaos?

I support moms & dads of teenagers and help them navigate conflict so they can stay connected to both their teen and their purpose as a parent. I see clients in private practice for coaching, counselling, and mediation services. 

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