PowHERtalks Calgary 2016

I will be on the PowHERtalks stage on Sunday, October 2nd to share my 9-minute talk about parenting teens and ASK for impact.  Local peeps, join me in Calgary!

For tickets and information go here

A peek at my TED-style talk that I will be premiering at this series for women:

Many of us fall in love and commit ourselves to our partner with the fullest intention of weathering every bump in the road we come across. Our love is real. We absolutely mean it when we commit ourselves to that other person. With our whole hearts we want the relationship to last forever.

But how many of them do?

The depth of our love or the truth of our desire to be together aren’t the problems. The problem is the delusion that somehow what happens to other couples won’t happen to us. We tell ourselves that we are prepared for what lies ahead when really that is almost never the case.

The same delusion happens with parenting.

We love our children. When our babies come to us they are beyond doubt the most precious and lovable things in the whole world and our hearts explode with compassion and commitment. Deep in our soul we sense that the love we feel is unshakable and everlasting.

But again we lack the foresight to prepare for what is to come –

A teenager!

Sure we might forecast the need for a bigger home down the road or an education savings plan for college. But we don’t prepare ourselves for the real struggle. The real struggle is always an emotional struggle.

Clients of mine have included parents of teens considering suicide, dads who felt completely disconnected from their children, and just the other day I was assisting a mom who was deep in an emotional struggle with her 14 year-old daughter over selfies, sexualized images, and social media.

Do you think suicide, disconnection, and sexualisation only started yesterday? Of course not! Even social media is over a decade old! But we tell ourselves these issues only happen to other parents. And therefore we are not prepared when they happen to us.

Come to PowHERtalks in Calgary to hear the whole thing live. I would love to see you there! It’s a not-to-be-missed opportunity for supporting women and being supported by women.

My best friend Shannon Takacs who works as a death doula will also be on stage sharing her inspiring PowHERtalk about changing the narrative that surrounds death and grief.

I can’t wait!!! xoxoxo

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