The 2017 East Kootenay Women’s Leadership Retreat just over 3 months ago was a great success, and I am excited to offer another one next month. I have tentatively booked a weekend this time, April 21 & 22, at the St. Eugene Resort. This will be another intimate gathering for 12-16 women who are ready for some serious reflection and connection.

My deep desire with these events is to be of service by amplifying the voices of women and providing opportunities for discovery. If you are pretty sure you want to attend the retreat in April please email me immediately to let me know at kerri@kerriwall.ca If you want to be put on a list for future events like this one, email me and say that.

Here are some testimonials from participants at the last Women’s Leadership Retreat:

“I am very thankful for being invited to this event. It was very empowering to be in a room full of such open minded and driven women. The format of the event was really encouraging and supportive. Thank you for not using power point! HA! “

“The best part was seeing everyone in their beautiful, complex self-determined glory- living to the edges of their self hoods and not turning themselves down in order to relate to men. It was awe-inspiring!!!”

“We were cared for, excellent service from staff. Great food. So the creature comforts, which are so important, were all very well done.”

“I appreciated the incredible intelligence and sensitivity of the facilitator and all the participants. I think the selection of games, panels, circles of support, workshop topics was extremely well-balanced and effective. I adore your enthusiastic and authentic delivery of challenging and inspiring content, Kerri.”

Please watch this crummy low-res video to hear me enthusiastically explain more details about the retreat and why you might want to join us.



2 days of fun and challenging experiential learning with other women. We will begin at 10am on Saturday April 21 and say our goodbyes at 3pm on Sunday April 22. A detailed schedule will be released in a few weeks.


  • Why women’s leadership matters
  • Difficult conversations
  • Boundaries & owning our power
  • Beyond patriarchy
  • Living our leadership


The beautiful and historic St. Eugene Resort in the Ktunaxa village of ?Aq’am.


  • $450 if you share a 2-queen room with another woman
  • $625 if you want your own room

All meals, gratuities, and the entire women’s leadership program is included in the cost.

*** If you are travelling from farther away and need a hotel room on Friday night, that will add $125 to your total cost.

Get in touch with me immediately if you want to register. Full payment is required by Monday March 19.

At the end of 2017 I conducted my regular lengthy annual review and chose my word for 2018. Even though I had been big and bold in many areas of my life last year, it was clear that I am still limiting myself by believing some of the lies I was told as a young person about what I am capable of as a female. This is not acceptable to me. I refuse to play small and I am dedicated to facing and extricating those lies for as long as I live. My word for 2018 is VISION. I am excited about bringing that word to life!