2015 has been another incredible year. I feel deeply grateful for the loving relationships I have, and for the courage I continue to build that allows me to show up in those relationships.

I don’t know most of you, but I want you to know I am grateful you are part of my life. My sincere wish is that the words of my blog encourage and inspire each of you in your parenting journey. Thank you for joining this wild ride! We need each other to do it well! Keep reaching for closeness with your teen (humans are wired for closeness and we never outgrow it) and keep reaching for friends who preserve your sanity.

This was the year I committed to writing about parenting, teenagers, and dealing with conflict. What a pleasure to see that I held strong to my goal and took my desire to build this side gig seriously. It’s so nice to have my own back. More than 21 blog posts published, dozens more in draft, and thousands of words written – this is a dream come true! I was published online and off, with more to come.

I created and led a conflict resolution workshop this year for the local roller derby team (2nd year in a row), and taught an introduction to conflict resolution class at the local college (again). Plus I worked one-on-one with some brave clients who yearned to make breakthroughs with their families. I continued to mentor a handful of teens, had the opportunity to go to San Francisco this summer to assist at a youth leadership retreat, and as a dear friend pointed out, I also successfully raised a human to adulthood (The Boy turned 19 last month).

What a year!

I swam in new lakes, rode new mountain bike trails, got closer to new and old friends, spent precious times with a bunch of family, and made an exciting piece of guerrilla art.

How did you grow in 2015? What gave you joy this year? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

May you reflect on how much good you bring to the world and give yourself the gift of appreciation.


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