You Love Having Kids, But Do You Love Being a Parent?

I read and enjoyed a great book last year called The Meaning of Wife that explored things like the wedding industrial complex and the history of female ownership, among other topics. One idea from the book that jumped out was that while most women want to be a bride, fewer and fewer of us want Read more about You Love Having Kids, But Do You Love Being a Parent?[…]

You May Not Know Your Own Children

Mother of Dylan Klebold, one of the Columbine shooters, recently wrote a memoir. Part of the introduction states, “the ultimate message of this book is terrifying: you may not know your own children, and, worse yet, your children may be unknowable to you.” In retrospect Sue Klebold identifies her son as being fatally depressed. Journals Read more about You May Not Know Your Own Children[…]

Relationship Repair with your Teenager

  There was a confrontation. You had an argument. Maybe there was yelling. Both of you said some stupid things to each other and now there’s an icy tension. There’s no going back for a do-over, so how are you going to move ahead? It’s likely that what actually happened, your story about what happened, Read more about Relationship Repair with your Teenager[…]