Managing Burn Out While Parenting Your Cat

This piece originally appeared in the February 2018 ‘Simplify’ issue of Fernie Fix Magazine.   Once upon a time you had a small child in your home. This child loved to be with you, missed you when you were gone, came running into your arms when you returned, and could play with you all day. Read more about Managing Burn Out While Parenting Your Cat[…]

Parenting ‘Out Of Control’ Teens

I have to agree with Dr. Laura Markham – “There is no such thing as a brat, only a child who is hurting.” ‘Out of control’ is an assessment or judgment that *we* are making. The teenager likely would not use that same phrase to describe themselves, their life, or their circumstances. Immediate first aid Read more about Parenting ‘Out Of Control’ Teens[…]

Building Support for Yourself as a Parent

Screw the village You know how it takes a village to raise a child? Screw it. That bar is too high. Instead, decide to cultivate two really close friends. They don’t have to be parents themselves but they do need to be interested in your parenting life and open to hearing about your relationship with Read more about Building Support for Yourself as a Parent[…]