When I Talk About ‘Negotiation’

We negotiate all the time, whether we notice it or not. I see negotiation in conversations every day, but that’s probably because I now possess a ‘conflict resolution’ mindset. You might not see these regular interactions as ‘negotiations’, but they often are! To you they probably look like: vacation planning working with colleagues making household Read more about When I Talk About ‘Negotiation’[…]

Listening is the Training for Listening

Recently a colleague spoke quite passionately about the¬†difficult discussions she’s been having with her 11 year-old daughter regarding make up. The daughter wants to wear make up and the mom doesn’t want her to. Mom said, “I just want her to listen to me!” I replied, “You want her to listen? It sounds to me Read more about Listening is the Training for Listening[…]

Parenting & Negotiation

Parenting is a very long series of negotiations. If you have feelings about negotiating (‘it’s too hard’, ‘people are too mean to negotiate with’, ‘I never win’, ‘what does winning even look like for me?’, ‘I shouldn’t have to negotiate; I’m the adult!’, etc.) that you are not prepared to understand/question/heal, then you will have Read more about Parenting & Negotiation[…]