Music Makes the Parenting Mark

This piece originally appeared in the August 2018 ‘Music’ issue of Fernie Fix Magazine. When your kids were small you barely needed to do anything beyond breathing to win their adoration. With teenagers, however, it sometimes seems the mere act of breathing itself can induce their scorn. But if you play your cards right while Read more about Music Makes the Parenting Mark[…]

The Importance of Listening to Your Teen Complain

It is important to listen to your teenager complain. But this can be hard to do for 2 reasons: It’s super annoying It seems like a waste of time But teenagers need to complain. And you are positioned to be their best listener. We might feel scared about listening to our teen complain if doing Read more about The Importance of Listening to Your Teen Complain[…]

Listening to Your Teen’s Big Feelings

Do you ever get stuck wondering what to do when your teenager behaves pleasantly, respectfully, or gratefully? Of course not. You enjoy their presence, engage in easy banter or a fun activity, and tell yourself what a great kid you have/what a great parent you are. What about when your teen acts upset, angry, or Read more about Listening to Your Teen’s Big Feelings[…]