Back to School Dread & Excitement

This piece originally appeared in the September 2018 ‘Knowledge is Power’ issue of Fernie Fix Magazine. ‘Back to school’ is emotionally loaded for many of us. As a phrase, those three words can represent many different feelings all tangled together. I interviewed a few teenagers for this piece, and asked the initial question, “when you Read more about Back to School Dread & Excitement[…]

A Mom-and-Son Battle Over Homework

    The other day a mom (I’ll call her ‘Judy’) came to me for coaching about a conflict over homework with her 14 year-old son (I’ll call him ‘Ben’). She explained that they have been fighting about homework for a few years but now that he’s taller than her and more independent than before, Read more about A Mom-and-Son Battle Over Homework[…]