Teenagers, Parents, and Leadership

This piece originally appeared in the October 2018 ‘Choice’ issue of Fernie Fix Magazine. Adults (in British Columbia) get to declare their choices for local government elected officials on October 20th. Although young people cannot yet participate in this democratic opportunity, it’s a perfect time to think and talk together about leadership. In essence, leadership Read more about Teenagers, Parents, and Leadership[…]

Relationship Repair with your Teenager

  There was a confrontation. You had an argument. Maybe there was yelling. Both of you said some stupid things to each other and now there’s an icy tension. There’s no going back for a do-over, so how are you going to move ahead? It’s likely that what actually happened, your story about what happened, Read more about Relationship Repair with your Teenager[…]

Negotiating With A Teen About Money

  This one is a story about a single mom I coached through a conflict with her son. We will call the mom Joan and the teenager Jeff. Joan bought herself and 17-year-old Jeff both golf club memberships last autumn during the early bird sale. This is something Joan has been doing for years, and Read more about Negotiating With A Teen About Money[…]

A Mom-and-Son Battle Over Homework

    The other day a mom (I’ll call her ‘Judy’) came to me for coaching about a conflict over homework with her 14 year-old son (I’ll call him ‘Ben’). She explained that they have been fighting about homework for a few years but now that he’s taller than her and more independent than before, Read more about A Mom-and-Son Battle Over Homework[…]