The Importance of Listening to Your Teen Complain

It is important to listen to your teenager complain. But this can be hard to do for 2 reasons: It’s super annoying It seems like a waste of time But teenagers need to complain. And you are positioned to be their best listener. We might feel scared about listening to our teen complain if doing Read more about The Importance of Listening to Your Teen Complain[…]

You Love Having Kids, But Do You Love Being a Parent?

I read and enjoyed a great book last year called The Meaning of Wife that explored things like the wedding industrial complex and the history of female ownership, among other topics. One idea from the book that jumped out was that while most women want to be a bride, fewer and fewer of us want Read more about You Love Having Kids, But Do You Love Being a Parent?[…]

Relationship Repair with your Teenager

  There was a confrontation. You had an argument. Maybe there was yelling. Both of you said some stupid things to each other and now there’s an icy tension. There’s no going back for a do-over, so how are you going to move ahead? It’s likely that what actually happened, your story about what happened, Read more about Relationship Repair with your Teenager[…]

Listening to Your Teen’s Big Feelings

Do you ever get stuck wondering what to do when your teenager behaves pleasantly, respectfully, or gratefully? Of course not. You enjoy their presence, engage in easy banter or a fun activity, and tell yourself what a great kid you have/what a great parent you are. What about when your teen acts upset, angry, or Read more about Listening to Your Teen’s Big Feelings[…]