Women’s Leadership Retreat #2 April 21 & 22 2018

We all lead our lives yet many of us are reluctant to call ourselves leaders. There are myths about what makes a leader and women unconsciously buy into a lot of those myths. We might think leadership is only something we could claim for ourselves if we: have a job with ‘leader’ in the title Read more about Women’s Leadership Retreat #2 April 21 & 22 2018[…]

Parenting From the Passenger Seat

This piece originally appeared in the March 2018 ‘Feminism’ issue of Fernie Fix Magazine.   Last month’s column advised this is not the time for parents to check out even if we feel burned out, because teen years are often when the wheels fall off the wagon. Teenagers are still assembling a picture of the Read more about Parenting From the Passenger Seat[…]