I don’t have to tell you that parenting is THE most important job you do

You know that deep in every cell

When you feel connected with your teenager, you feel good about yourself as a mom or dad

But if your relationship with your kid is starting to suck, you know that starts to suck the life out of you. You wonder… Where did I go wrong? Why aren’t all my parenting efforts working? How can I get this kid back on track? What’s going to happen if I can’t turn this relationship around? Am I the only person with these struggles? How much longer am I going to have to endure this tension in my home? Who can I talk to about this who won’t judge me?

A rough relationship between you and your teenager is an urgent situation

Only if you are CONNECTED do you stand a chance of being able to influence his/her decisions. Problems in your relationship are urgent because your daughter or son isn’t just a co-worker you don’t get along with – this is a relationship you could lose sleep over for the rest of your life. You have a sense of urgency about your relationship with your teenager for a GOOD REASON – you know s/he is not ready for the big world yet, and it’s your job to guide her/him to that state of readiness. AND YOU FEEL RESPONSIBLE ABOUT DOING THIS IMPORTANT JOB.

You deserve appreciation for understanding the crucial role you play during this critical time of your child’s development

Thankfully, there is help if you need it. I offer PARENTING CONSULTATIONS by telephone or Skype where we can brush up on your communication skills for dealing with defensive and/or tight-lipped teenagers – $50. I also offer CONFLICT COACHING for when you need intensive assistance with an ongoing conflict situation. Together we will analyze the conflict for underlying themes, bring the issues to light, and untie the knots that have your relationship stuck – $75.

I am your parent-teen conflict expert!

enjoy parenting again!

We all love our teenagers, but how much do we love to actually parent them?
my purpose

There is more information available about parenting your 0-6 year old than any person could ever want to read. What help exists for parenting teens? Much of the advice focuses on how *bad* teenagers are and all the drama they create, or it focuses on how burned out parents are and how much we need a break. I'm not going to offer either of those perspecitves. Instead, I bring inspiration and encouragement, and show you how the best thing you can do for your teen is keep your parenting pedal to the metal during these final intense years of having your child at home, and not give up on your relationship.

  • it's all about listening

  • providing you with loving counsel

  • preparing for those difficult conversations

  • creating closeness that lasts

Want to work with me?

I am a good match for you if:

You care about your teenager

You want things to go well for your son/daughter, both now and in the future.
You are profoundly interested in who your teenager is as a human being.

You care about self-improvement

You are not afraid to ask yourself hard questions.
You know change does not just happen from wishing and hoping and thinking and praying.

You want to do it differently than your parents did

They tried their very best, and given the circumstances they were dealing with, they did the best they could.
You can do better. You know you want to, and you know you may need some help.

You want to take the long view

You may have a crisis (or two) that needs to get dealt with, but you envision a life-long relationship with your kids.
Mutual respect and closeness can last a lifetime if we plan for them and take the right steps.

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